Robot-chef learned how to cook fries and 18 other dishes

The economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in tens of thousands of snack bars in the United States closing forever in the last seven months alone. However, representatives of Miso Robotics (creators of Flippy, a robot-chef) claim that the return of American restaurants to financial stability will require an autonomous revolution. This is reported by Engadget.

Buck Jordan, the founder and CEO of Miso Robotics, said in an interview for Engadget that the transition from a full-service catering to an exclusive meal and delivery has resulted in many restaurants “suffering losses and just trying to stay afloat”. It should be noted that when using delivery applications, such as UberEats, reduces each order by more than 30%.

That is why on Tuesday the company announced that it is making the latest version of Flippy commercially available worldwide. This smarter, more capable and more protected from airborne infections was announced today.

To begin with, the company has optimized its ChefUI software to “help kitchen workers with fast interaction and workflow. With this system, not only will catering workers be able to see what orders are in the cooking queue, but with the integration of Intel RealSense cameras, they will also be able to control the internal temperature of food, preventing non-drown food from entering the kitchen, and even adjust the queue so that orders are prepared in the right order at the same time.

For example, Jordan notes that it takes only about 3 minutes to cook fries, compared to 10 minutes for a hamburger. So instead of leaving the fries under a heating lamp for 7 minutes before the hamburger is ready, Flippy will know that it is better to put the fries in the butter only 3 minutes before the hamburger is finished cooking.

Today, Flippy can cook 19 different dishes – from corn dogs to tandoori chicken. However, the manufacturer promises to increase the robot’s skills when it can be trained, thanks to an advanced machine learning system developed by Miso.

To help at least partially reduce the risk of coronavirus infection while working shoulder to shoulder with other chefs, Flippy can be equipped with a glass partition. It will help keep the robot from breathing during the cooking process.

It should be noted that Flippy has also received an NSF safety certificate.

Interested investors and restaurateurs can go to for more information about prices and availability.