The Swedes are planning to start producing unmanned trucks. They are not only cool, but also save up to 90% of CO2

Einride, a Swedish start-up in the field of autonomous cargo transportation, has introduced a new type of vehicle, which the company hopes to use on the road from 2021. Autonomous Electric Transport (AET), were presented in four different versions and can deliver goods. And, like the previous prototypes of Einride, they are delivered without the steering wheel, pedals, windshields and generally no cab, reports The Verge.

Einride has been producing interesting, attractive prototypes of vehicles since its inception in 2016. In 2017, was released sample T-Pod without a cabin, four of which work on public roads, carrying goods for Oatly, the Swedish manufacturer of food products. A year later, the company introduced the T-Log to transport tons of logs of giant trees. It was more powerful than its predecessor. Now Einride has a next-generation car, which, the company hopes, can soon be launched into production.

All vehicles are electric and can be operated remotely by an operator, in addition to autonomous operation without human intervention.

The main difference between the four options is their scope of application or the conditions under which the car can move independently. AET 1 is designed to operate within a specific geographic area, while AET 2 can travel outside the geographic area using remote control. AET 3 is designed for rural areas, while AET 4 is designed for highway driving.

Einride says its new vehicles “will reduce transportation costs by up to 60 percent and CO2 emissions by 90 percent.